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Dog Eating Dog Food


All our kennels are indoor kennels with a individual outside run on the back, this allows the dogs to stay in routine of going outside to the toilet. The inside is fully heated and insulated, they have a fold  down rubber bed off the ground. Owners can send their own bedding so your dog has your scent on, If not we do provide them. Your also welcome to send any bedding, toys, treats etc. Included in the price is food, walks and insurance.

We take them on walks individually and they are not let off the lead in open spaces just for security. We also have a secure play pen where they are allowed off the lead. At no point do we mix different dogs from different households again just for safety.

 Included in the price we provide popular brands of dry and tinned food. If your dog has allergies, sensitive stomach or you would just feel happier sending your own this is perfectly fine. 

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