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Ragdoll Cat


All our Cat pens are indoor units with a individual outside run on the back,  The inside is fully heated and insulated, they have a window and shelf half way for them to sleep on. The cats are kept in our office building so have plenty of interaction all day long and kept well away from the dog block. We have piped music playing all day for them. Owners can send their own bedding so your cat has your scent on from home, If not we do provide them. Your also welcome to send any bedding, toys, treats etc. Included in the price is food, litter and insurance. We provide litter trays, cat litter and bowls.

At no point do we mix different cats from different households just for safety.

 Included in the price we provide popular brands of dry and tinned food. If your cat has allergies, sensitive stomach or you would just feel happier sending your own this is perfectly fine. 

All cats must be fully vaccinated to stay with us and proof of this must be shown. We recommend they are kept up to date with flea and worming treatments.

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